Why choose Fabulous Sunview Solar?

Sunview is one of the leading Malaysia solar energy service providers and has deployed over 300KW of solar systems nationwide. Since 2013, our experience and large business scale have allowed us to offer one of the most cost-competitive prices along with nationwide of service and support by our local technicians and business development managers.

Design and Innovation

Sunview’s in-house mounting system (BIPV), namely Sunroof that allows the panels to replace your traditional rooftop with enhanced water leakage protection system. We designed our solar PV systems to blend in with your rooftop using all-black panels and integrated side skirts that conceal edges and protect your system from debris and water leakage.

Outstanding Warranty

Because the holistic design and installation are done in-house, Sunview provides one of the most comprehensive warranties of any solar provider. We provide warranty coverage on the workmanship and performance of our solar panels. Learn more about our service and warranty.

Integrated Ecosystem

To help you better monitor your solar energy production, we connect the monitoring system of your solar panel to the monitoring app, so you would integrate and power your home or business, or even call us to schedule for a complimentary maintenance service for the first three years.