Testimonial 1
Testimonial 1

Testimonial 1

How do you find solar energy benefits your business/family expenses financially?

In the past, we have looked for multiple solution to reduce our electricity bill, (i.e. change to LED lighting, power monitoring on machines & certain machines/equipment on-off per usage), but none had been as good as our current solar energy.

How do you feel about saving the environment with solar energy adoption?

In our current business environment, ESG has become increasingly important. Addressing climate change is a responsible for all. By adopting renewable energy, this reduces our carbon footprint further!

How do you find helping you to be less dependent on electricity?

The current solar installation had reduced our monthly electricity bill by 15-20%. In the future, we hope to maximize our roof space with PV panel &  energy storage solution which store our excess energy.

– K.K. Metal Processing Sdn. Bhd. (Management)

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