Riding the innovation wave with SunRoof

Sunview’s proprietary BIPV mountable solar panels, also known as SunRoof is a framed solar panel evolved to be used as a roofing material, complete with a gutter system that drains water efficiently. We also give this building-integrated photovoltaics exceptional protection against leakage and an advanced locking system that ensures that every panel can be easily installed and securely fastened to the roof.

What makes SunRoof different from a normal solar rooftop?

Scope of work
For normal rooftop solar PV facility, the solar PV modules are mounted on the existing roof while for BIPV solar PV facility the solar PV modules also serve as the roof and/or wall of the building.

For similar capacity, the timeline for EPCC of normal rooftop solar PV facility is commonly shorter compared to BIPV solar PV facility.

For similar capacity, normal rooftop solar PV facility is commonly lower cost and price compared to BIPV solar PV facility. This is because the BIPV solar facility must serve an additional function of being part of the structure of the building such as roof and/or wall of the building, which require additional technical works.

This type of solar PV facilities offers building owners with benefits including potential time and cost saving in installation as the roofing and solar modules are installed simultaneously compared to classic roofing materials, as well as improved aesthetics as the modules are homogenously coloured.