How To Reduce Carbon Emissions as a Company

Did you know that our government is planning to reduce carbon emissions by 45% in 2030? We can all help. Companies, factories and industries are some of the biggest polluters of this planet. Here are some tips that ALL corporate cultures can follow to meet their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goals.

Commute Efficiently; Limit Work Travel

This means car-pooling and using public transport (or using energy-efficient vehicles); and travelling for work purposes ONLY IF ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Sort out important matters via the Internet or digital communication as much as possible. Travelling less means saving energy – from vehicles and from your body – and emitting less waste. Studies show that by driving less or carpooling, you’ll avoid emitting tons air pollution a year. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

Go digital or paperless

As we are entering the Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0, almost everything is done digitally or with our mobile phones now. Around 84% of the world’s population (6.65 billion people) using smartphones these days (Turner, 2022). Not printing saves time, paper, money, and also makes things more convenient and accessible. Using paper decreases productivity because of all the time spent printing, faxing and scanning documents. Digitising your documents means increased productivity and less operation costs – less money needs to be spent on printing machines, products and maintenance – and more profit.

Therefore, enter the modern era and go paperless with your employees and/or superiors. If something absolutely MUST be printed, print using black ink (coloured ink is more expensive) and use both sides of the paper. Unwanted paper and printings can be reused for draft work (or for more printing on the other side), or shredded and then recycled.

Engage in Carbon-Offsetting

Carbon-offsetting means trying to offset or negate whatever carbons you DO emit. This includes donating to or funding campaigns and programs that aim to make a positive impact on the environment; and also installing solar panels on your roof. A company can emit hundreds of kilos of carbon dioxide a year, and using solar energy will help cut that down greatly.

Keep in mind that while Net Zero is a common goal, offsetting is should NOT be the only method employed. Directly reducing or preventing emissions (e.g.: using energy-efficient vehicles for transport and logistics and using eco-friendly stationery) from being emitted is just as efficient (Team Atmos, 2021).

Work with Sustainable Suppliers

When obtaining supplies, stocks and materials from different sources, consider working with vendors, suppliers and other businesses that aim to preserve the environment. Choose groups and brands that use green materials in their productions or demonstrate green initiatives that contribute to the entire ecosystem. You and your company don’t have to do it all by yourselves. Other suppliers are onboard with you, too. Go find them!

Everyone is equally guilty of polluting the environment and responsible in protecting it. Talk to your co-workers and superiors (if applicable) about implementing these tips and caring about Mother Earth. We here at Sunview aim to help you and colleagues do your parts in the workplace; and you can then watch for the results on your bills as well as on your ESG and CSR goals.