Fun Facts About Our CEO

Our CEO, Mr. Ong Hang Ping, 36, isn’t simply some guy. Here is what makes him a pioneer in the field of solar energy and the most suitable CEO for our company.

He was practically born to be our CEO

Since childhood, Ong had an entrepreneur’s mindset and was aware of the environmental changes happening around him. He knew about the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and would notice the thermometer in his home slowly increasing as he ages. He graduated from University Malaya with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering in 2009. He has approximately 13 years of experience in the Renewable Energy sector and is a certified member of the Board of Engineers Malaysia since 2011.

He used to work in a Japanese company called Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and also with GrandPine Capital Sdn Bhd. With his technical and scientific knowledge in solar energy as well as previous job experiences, he is very qualified to manage and oversee our company as well as provide technical advisory and expertise in designing our solar products.

He didn’t always have it easy

Born in a small fishing village in Kuala Kurau (Perak), his parents had to fish and open a Bak Kut Teh store to fund his and his two sisters’ studies. As the youngest but the only male child in the family, he played the role of the “eldest” child. Ong and his sisters graduated successfully, eventually. They were poor but they all made it and are now living their dreams. He is living proof that no matter how matter how hard you’ve had it, you can always make your dreams and run your ideal business if you work hard and stay on course.

He has both Scientific/Technical and Business/Managerial Knowledge in the Solar Energy Sector

From his childhood awareness of environmental issues, his educational background in Electrical Engineering, to his work experience in electronic companies such as Sharp Electronics (Malaysia), Ong has certainly nailed the part of having enough “scientific and technical knowledge” in being able to work in the solar energy sector. He is considered a “pioneer” and was appointed to the Board of Directors since 25 May 2021.

His experience in the corporate world, sales sector and managing ownership of the company also put him on the “throne” today as our CEO. As the sales director in Sunview many years ago, Ong has great negotiation skills and was involved with many solar projects around the globe.

Other Interesting Facts

Ong’s favourite hobby (and his secret talent) is singing. His favourite songs are from the 90s. The date when the company went IPO listing is also his birthday (23 September). He earned Sunview’s certification and licensing – the institute for Sustainable Power Quality (ISPQ) cert and the Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic cer (GPCV). His role model is Tony Stark (Iron Man). Reasons? He built his suit from scratch and relied on his knowledge and cunning to be a superhero instead of superpowers of any sort.

Ong believes in hard work, having faith and chasing one’s dreams. His motto is “be the master of one thing but know a little bit of everything”. We are thankful to have such a resourceful and intelligent individual leading our team to more growth and success.