A Holistic Solar Installation Services

EPCC stands for Engineering design, Planning and procurement, Construction and installation and Commissioning and testing. Sunview as the main contractor for Solar energy system service provider, we take pride in our full in-house capabilities to undertake the end-to-end solar energy solution services. We also engage subcontractors to carry out the construction and installation works for the solar PV facilities under our supervision

This refers to the planning and design of the entire solar PV facility. Planning includes establishing all the steps necessary to commence and complete the entire project including timeline for each activity, liaison with authorities to obtain the necessary permits and approvals, human resources planning, logistics as well as project costing and budgeting. Design covers initial conceptualisation up to detailed design of the solar PV arrays and balance of system including system configuration, specifications and layout, and construction related works such as civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical.

Solar energy solution provider like us is responsible on the sourcing of all construction materials and equipment including solar modules and balance of systems, and services. Procurement of services include subcontractors and contract workers for the construction, installation and integration of the solar PV facility, consultants to carry out assessment on the project site, logistics service providers for the delivery of materials and equipment to the project site and rental of equipment. We help clients to identify potential suppliers and subcontractors and request for quotation. Once we receive the quotation from the suppliers and subcontractors, we will review the proposed quotation before engaging them as our supplier or subcontractor.

At this stage, the procurement work is done, and it is about to kick start the construction works, which covers structural construction as well as mechanical and electrical installation. This includes reinforcement of roof structure, erection of mounting system, installation of solar modules, cabling works, installation, and integration of equipment. For ground mounted solar PV plants, construction would also include civil works as well as interconnection to the power grid or the nearest substation, where required.

At Sunview, what we do during the construction phase includes:

  • Project management and site supervision
  • Quality and safety assurance
  • Monitoring the construction, installation and integration process
  • Ensuring all works follow project specification and design, and that they meet regulatory compliances; and
  • Liaising with authorities and other external parties.

Not only that, but we also engage external parties who are mainly subcontractors to carry out all the construction and installation works using equipment and material procured by our in-house personnel. All the construction and installation works are carried out under our supervision.

Here comes that last stage of the Solar system installation process – Commissioning which includes the testing of individual equipment, subsystems, and the total installed solar PV facility to ensure that:

  • The equipment and materials are functioning according to specifications
  • The solar PV facility is performing as a complete system and is according to specifications and meets the parameters based on the detailed engineering design; and
  • The solar PV facility meets regulatory requirements such as the power grid technical requirements of TNB
  • Any identified problems and defects will be rectified before the commissioning of the solar PV facility.